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Safety-Day on behavioral safety

Safety-Day on behavioral safety

According to the needs and to the activities’ arrangement, is possible to include within the Safety-Day or the Safety-Week a didactic intervention about Behavioral Safety lasting 1, 2 or 4 hours. The dates have to be set with due regard for the daily organization and other possible events.


The maximum number of reruns that is possible to perform within one day is 3. If needed, is possible to ask for more than one teacher, in order to have more courses in different classes, simultaneously.


Raise awareness about values and safety culture both inside and outside working time; introduce the scientific basis of Behavioral Safety (B-BS); increase consciousness across workers about the importance of their role in the daily management of safety.


The seminar can be targeted at every holding’s employee or only at some figures, according to the company’s demand.

Contents and organization

Usually, during this kind of interventions, safety management issues in the workplace are introduced together with methods of safety behaviors control, supported by scientific findings. Particular importance is given to the most common errors in the Behavior Management occurring in various contexts and to its elimination. The scientific techniques of behavior modification are explained, so that everyone can autonomously adopt them in their working and private life.

The intervention, hence, comes in a friendly and unformal frame. It introduces the Behavioral Safety and adapts it to both the enterprise, the social or the familiar environment.

The course is composed of:

  • Introduction about the current state of safety at work;
  • The behavior, as the major cause of injuries at work, at home and on the road;
  • False myths and scientific truths about techniques for the obtainment of safe behaviors from colleagues and familiars, with practical examples.

Specific choices about seminars’ content will be defined together with the SPP staff, and, where appropriate, with the factory administration during a preliminary interview.

It can be decided to end the intervention with a “questions and answers session”, by mean of particular electronic devices. Questions can be:

  1. Standard, focused on behavioral aspects of daily life and on various working activities common to various firm realities;
  2. Specific about that company’s working environment. In this case the BT teachers will set an inspection of the factory, in order to 1) analyse the status of the currently active safety practises; 2) analyse existing documents; 3) determine, together with the SPP staff, which are the most significant working processes and their correct execution in safety terms; 4) collect images related to any signs or antecedents adopted in the factory; 5) take videos about the principal working activities, to use during the Safety-Day.

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