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Introductory course to the B-BS

Introductory course to the B-BS

The introductory course lasts 8 or 16 hours, in consecutive days.

Introductory course on B-BS


In addition to the overview of the theoretical principles of Behavioral Psychology (that are the basis of safety awareness and safe behaviors), this 2-days introductory course teaches to the participants the principal phases of practical implementation of the process inside the factory.


DAY 1 – The behavioral psychology

Introduction about the safety at the workplace issue.

Dissemination of the B-BS all over the world: its efficacy and the scientific evidences.

The currently adopted solutions to the issue and their weak points.

The theoretical construct – the psychological model of the Behavior Analysis (A-B-C Model by F. B. Skinner):

  • antecedent stimuli: definition and function
  • consequent stimuli: definition and function

At the end of the 8-hours long seminar, we will briefly introduce the principal steps to follow in order to implement a behavioral safety process.

DAY 2 – The Behavior-Based Safety protocol

The steps to follow in order to introduce a functioning B-BS process in the factory are:

  1. Preliminary Assessment;Creation of workgroups;
  2. Creation of behavioral checklists;
  3. Set up of the behaviors measurement system: who observes? How? How often? etc.;
  4. Set up of the system of behaviors ’motivation: who gives feedbacks? How? Premiums menu? Celebrations? etc.;
  5. The beginning of works in the factory;
  6. The maintenance of the process over time.

Within the day we will carry on practical workshops and examples of implementation of the protocol in various kinds of holdings.


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