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Behavior-Based Safety

Behavior-Based Safety

The Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS) approach is currently the most efficient methodology in decreasing the number of accidents in the workplace.

Behavior-Based Safety

It operates through the reduction, or total cancellation, of hazardous actions and behaviors. It has been demonstrated that more than the 80% of accidents does not take place because of scarcity of equipment or unsafe conditions, but instead because of the adoption of inappropriate behaviors. It is therefore obvious the enormous potential that a methodology exclusively designed to obtain the permanent execution of safe behaviors has.

The Behavior-Based Safety has objectively provided evidence of its efficiency in all working fields, through the dramatic reduction of accidents and injuries in many companies worldwide.

B-BS Features

B-BS consists in a process, constantly applied inside the company, based on techniques of workers’ motivation. It brings to reciprocal observation and self-observation of behaviors (including near-miss reporting). The method is especially focused on constant feedbacks provision for correct behaviors. B-BS radically eliminates the needs for punitive sanctions and develops a shared safety “culture” inside workers.

A big part of the process is directly managed by workers: this contributes to the development of a healthier working environment, because of its impact on employees-employers relationship.

All B-BS interventions are focused on the before-after detection of number and kind of safe behaviors adopted in the workplace. This method allows us to have objectively measurable results.

B-BS Advantages

Compared to traditional approaches, B-BS brings several advantages for both the employees and the company:

  1. Reduction of accidents, injuries and correlated pain on a both clinical and human level, with due regard for work ethic;
  2. Realization of an improved relational environment between employers and employees, even outside the safety context. It also helps in developing a feeling of “belonging to an excellent firm”, which takes care of values and of corporate social responsibility;
  3. Elimination of unrealistic reporting or of near-miss missed report, through preventive actions (taking place before the accidents happens) and not reactive actions;
  4. Strong reduction of legal issues (see also rulings in favour of companies in USA);
  5. Potential renegotiation and reduction of insurance premiums;
  6. Reduction of accidents and injuries leads to avoid costs related to: stop of the production, missed services, damage of the equipment, etc.;
  7. Dramatic reduction of lost working days because of accident;
  8. Increase of productivity due to the extension of this methodology also to Performance Management.

B-BS Services

Behavioral Technologies, for what concerns the B-BS protocol, offers two services:

B-BS Training Courses and B-BS Consultancy.

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