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Our services

For its clients, Behavioral Technologies organizes a package of services, extremely flexible and adaptable according to the needs and the working environment of each different holding. Our services are entirely based on the principles of OBM (Organizational Behavior Management). 

The services offered can be activities of consultancy, or formative courses and seminars (targeted at every employee, or only at specific figures). 

The formative service rangeServicess from a Safety-Day introductory course to a 5-days extensive training course. They are aimed to improving safety, performances and employees’ learning techniques in our clients’ firms.

General features

We follow our client from the very beginning of the process until the moment they reach the results they were looking for. In fact, our consultancy service includes:

  • Pinpointing: determination of goals and individuation of crucial safety behaviors to avoid injuries (creation of checklists);
  • Preliminary assessment: study of the activities, of the organization of spaces and work, of current issues and about current practises for what concerns safety. If requested by the holding, the consultants will attend some daily or periodic meetings about safety, taking place into the holdings;
  • Functional analysis: strategy for the individuation of causes of behaviors in terms of antecedent and consequent stimuli;
  • Tailor-made interventions: determation of the behavioral modification. The intervention can be educational; motivational or both;
  • Re-assessment: measurement of the efficacy of the intervention;
  • Follow-ups: for the maintenance of the process over time.

The services Behavioral Technologies offers are mainly three. Each one can be offered in the form of courses or of direct intervention:

Performance Management;

Behavior-Based Safety;

Learning Technologies – Precision Teaching

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