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Leadership and B-BS

Leadership and B-BS

The Leadership and B-BS course lasts from 4 to 8 hours.

leadership and B-BS


This seminar aims to teach the basic abilities that a Safety Leader needs to have in order to successfully manage its own work and the work of its co-workers. Efficient and straightforward tools will be provided, immediately usable in the daily working life.


Main recipients of this course are team leaders, shift supervisors and managers.

Generic program

The daily program is synthetized in the table below. It can be adapted according to specific company’s demands.


Leadership: definition and the unit of measurement given by the Behavior Analysis.

The importance of Leadership for the management of the B-BS, and more in general, for the safety in the workplace.

The scientific analysis of Leadership.

Characteristics and abilities of a true Leader: what do efficient leaders do more than the other ones?

Feedback and investigation of behavior causes: what words one should use in order to have greater impact on workers.

The Safety Leader inside the behavioral safety process (B-BS).


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