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Consultants’ background

Our consultants’ background

What makes our work unique in its effectiveness is the educational and professional background of our consultants.

Our consultants’ job consists of:

  • Follow the client and its projects closely, directly in the field;
  • Observe employees’ working dynamics and behaviors;
  • Classify different kinds of behavior and distinguish safe and productive ones from hazardous ones;
  • Discourage unsafe actions by giving workers the right inputs.

Obviously, to do so, our consultants have to be properly formed as behavior analysts, and they need to have an appropriate experience in the field. 

Behavioral Technologies makes use of professional behavior analysts and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) experts. Our experts have years of experience in the field and a great number of B-BS protocols successfully implemented inside a wide range of companies (metal, food, medical, chemical, shipbuilding industries). Their results have been presented in occasion of several national and international scientific congresses.

In choosing and forming our staff, we follow precise guidelines given by Terry Mcsween, world’s specialist in the Behavior Analysis and CEO/President of Quality Safety Edge. This is because we believe these requirements are synonyms of quality and safety.

Therefore, our staff has:

  • Formal training in a program that specializes in Behavior Analysis (e.g. master degree in Behavior Analysis; PhD in OBM/BTS. Here you can find the list of the accredited universities, according to ABAI), or being Behavior Analysis teacher in scientific academic courses;
  • Membership in the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA);
  • Ten years of experience implementing behavioral safety improvement efforts.

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