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Precision teaching

Precision Teaching is a combination of educational techniques based on the “operant conditioning” of behavioral psychology. Through our innovative methods we can bring employees, employers and students of all ages to rapidly learn behaviors and concepts. It can be successfully used to teach either notions and concepts, either procedures.

Behavioral Technologies makes use of a special learning software. The learning process, with us, is not based on traditional teaching method of reading – understanding – retention. It instead uses the natural mechanisms activated by the “operant conditioning” that governs partially automatic behaviors.

Learning is function of consequences obtained in a time unit. The students can memorize any technical/scientifical topic just by answering a rapid series of questions (about 100 in a few minutes). This happens because after each question the software gives a fast feedback to the student. 

All our students have a learning rate of 100% and their knowledge is fast and precise. 

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