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Performance Management Course

Performance Management Course

Our Performance Management course is aimed to the improvement of our clients’ managerial, marketing and/or communicative skills.

Performance Management Course

We provide our clients with irreplaceable tools and useful techniques. Our teachers explain both the principles behind these methods and how to apply them inside the productive process.


  • Strategies for the Performance Improvement

Many details are given about: reinforcement schemes (advantages and disadvantages of fix or variable schemes); the Pay for Performance system; the importance of feedbacks and the Performance Matrix ( behavior control by mean of goals allocation).

  • Self-Management

Behavioral Technologies gives important insights on behavioral self-evaluation systems, functional auto-analysis and BSM (Behavioral Self-Management). This last one gives the opportunity to handle our own harmful behavior and modify it into a positive action.


Behavioral Technologies supports our client’s firm in the customer’s behavior understanding.

  • Customer behavior (identification of those buying behavior’s antecedent and consequent stimuli that determine client’s choices);
  • Suggestive selling (persuasive selling techniques and assertiveness training of personal abilities);
  • Customer care and consumption habits (post-sell management of the client, by mean of the consequent stimoli correct design).


  • Assertive interrelation and communication:

It consists in a brief introduction about the use of verbal behavior and a focus on helpful techniques in handling interpersonal and selling meetings. We also deal with negotiation methods and technical writing.

  • Leadership and managerial behaviors

The leadership focus deals with the following topics:

  1. Leadership definition and its unit of measurement;
  2. Use of communication techniques useful to gain trust, respect and authority;
  3. The utilization of verbal antecedents and consequences in controlling employees behavior;
  4. The importance of Leadership for the management of the B-BS, and more in general, for the safety in the workplace;
  5. Characteristics and abilities of a true Leader;
  6. Importance of feedback;
  7. Public speaking.

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