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Performance Management Consultancy

Performance Management Consultancy

The Performance Management Consultancy is one of the main services that Behavioral Technologies offers to its clients. Our, properly formed, consultants go directly in the field to observe, investigate and change inappropriate behaviors. Our staff closely support employers and employees through the entire process.

performance management consultancy

Our method, contrary to our competitors’ one, is strongly supported by scientific evidence. For instance, talking about productivity, we do not ask employers to set annual goals for their employees. Instead, we set daily goals, in order to stimulate performance monitoring and to give frequent feedbacks. Furthermore, we do not reward results, because it can lead to the adoption of inappropriate behaviors. We instead reward good behaviors.

Through consultancy we help the client implementing those principles taught in the Performance Management Course. This includes behavioral assessment services (measurement of working behaviors) and performance analysis techniques (identification of environmental elements leading to effective or ineffective behaviors). Additionally, we implement, together with the company’s manager, a number of evaluations of managerial intervention efficacy: (the “reversal” and “multiple baseline” experimental designs). 

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